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Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sole traders

  • Free plan available
  • Full data privacy compliance
  • 100% transparent costs
  • Commitment-free
  • Real-time spending overview
  • Debit Mastercard included

Small- to medium-sized businesses

  • Easy transfers
  • Deposit checks instantly
  • A powerful open API
  • Coverage around the world
  • Business without borders
  • Affiliates and partnerships

Large or enterprise level businesses

  • Corporate Cards
  • International Payments
  • Automated accounting
  • Request Features
  • Premium Support
  • Direct Debit

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Stay secure with our online banking platform featuring multi plans tomeet your needs

Packages Freelancer Householder Business Man
Control payout timing
Transparent payouts
Automate evidence submission
Collaboration notes
Deposit tagging
Technical support over IRC
24×7 support

Our Features

What makes us stand out from competitors.

Multi-factor authentication

Stay secure with our online banking platform featuring multi-factor authentication for added protection against unauthorized access.

Secure Encryption

Protect your personal & financial information with our secure encryption technology on our online banking platform.

Firewall Protection

Stay safe online with our bank's firewall protection for secure access to our online banking platform.

Fraud Monitoring

Stay protected with our bank's fraud monitoring for suspicious activity on your account on our online banking platform.

Secure Communication

Enjoy secure online banking with our bank's use of military-grade SSL encryption for all connections on our online banking platform.

Regular Security Updates

Stay up-to-date with our bank's regular security updates on our online banking platform for maximum protection.

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